From leadership styles to corporate culture, the rise of startups and the ubiquity of social media, the last 20 years has radically shifted the professional landscape. Those who embrace the new uncertainties thrive, while those who ignore them fall further behind. We’re exploring all elements of the new world of work, and sharing them here.

How to Turn 1-Day Training Events into 30-Day Client Engagements
by Chris Taylor

Would you consider yourself an impact-focused consultant? Most of the consultants I speak with on a weekly basis claim to be. Meaning, they aren’t just about the event in the room, they’re focused on making a true difference for the people that are in the session.  If that describes you, fantastic. This is the future […]

4 Ways to Increase Participant Commitment in Your Next Session
by Chris Taylor

How do you increase the impact of your live interventions? When you’re in front of a group they’re inspired. They want to put the ideas they’ve learned into practice when they leave the room. This is, after all, why your clients hire a professional facilitator; not just to transfer knowledge but to help participants find […]

The One-Word Question that Helps Participants Realize Lasting Behavior Change
by Chris Taylor

How do you make sure your participants are applying what they learned in a repeatable, reliable, way?   Ask them why. At the end of your session you’re likely already asking participants what their biggest takeaway is, what one change they want to put into practice, who is going to hold them accountable for making that […]

Are Squeaky Hippos Impacting Your Program? Here’s How to Address Them.
by Chris Taylor

Are your programs suffering from Squeaky Hippos? Let’s find out. First of all, you’re likely wondering what a Squeaky Hippo is. It’s a combination of a squeaky wheel and the highest paid person’s opinion.  The challenge with most training programs – and corporate development programs in general – is that all feedback and evidence that […]

Why an Accountability Buddy is your Program Participant’s Key to Success
by Chris Taylor

How do you increase the likelihood that your program participants are going to put the content from your session into practice after they leave the room? There are a number of components that come into play such as language and microreflections – those will be the subject of future posts –  in this post we’ll […]

What do Volcanoes (and Tsunamis) Have to do With Behavior Change?
by Chris Taylor

My 5 year old son is obsessed with volcanoes. Almost every night at bedtime we are reading books about volcano facts. It’s an exciting journey for him, and I really admire the focus that he brings to bedtime story time. As it turns out, reading books about volcanoes leads to books about earthquakes, which, in […]

Career Conversations in Complex Times
by Ronni Hendel-Giller

A couple of years ago I was introduced to the distinction between complex and complicated—one of the most useful and liberating distinctions I have ever learned. In a nutshell, complicated is predictable and knowable, even if there are a lot of steps, whereas complex is unknowable in advance. Embracing complexity allows us to let go […]

Are You Creating Customers for Life?
by Shawn Shepheard

Think about the last 12 hours: how many times did you experience the push to buy a product or service? From television commercials, radio ads, newspaper and magazine ads, emails asking you to join their list, to your server at the restaurant trying to up sell you on dessert or that fancy coffee—I’m willing to […]

New Ways To Navigate The Increasing Complexities of Work
by Ronni Hendel-Giller

About two years ago, while reading Jennifer Garvey Berger’s Simple Habits for Complex Times, I was introduced to the distinction between complex and complicated. This distinction, more than anything I had previously learned, helped me to understand why we often get stuck and frustrated by the challenges we face. What was most liberating for me […]

Orchestrating Sustainable Innovation: Lessons for Leaders from the World of Music
by Andrea Zintz, Megan Mitchell and Marilyn Blocker

Innovation is a juggling act for most leaders, as they have to balance operational excellence with responding to mandates to explore new territory.