From leadership styles to corporate culture, the rise of startups and the ubiquity of social media, the last 20 years has radically shifted the professional landscape. Those who embrace the new uncertainties thrive, while those who ignore them fall further behind. We’re exploring all elements of the new world of work, and sharing them here.

Are You Creating Customers for Life?
by Shawn Shepheard

Think about the last 12 hours: how many times did you experience the push to buy a product or service? From television commercials, radio ads, newspaper and magazine ads, emails asking you to join their list, to your server at the restaurant trying to up sell you on dessert or that fancy coffee—I’m willing to […]

New Ways To Navigate The Increasing Complexities of Work
by Ronni Hendel-Giller

About two years ago, while reading Jennifer Garvey Berger’s Simple Habits for Complex Times, I was introduced to the distinction between complex and complicated. This distinction, more than anything I had previously learned, helped me to understand why we often get stuck and frustrated by the challenges we face. What was most liberating for me […]

Orchestrating Sustainable Innovation: Lessons for Leaders from the World of Music
by Andrea Zintz, Megan Mitchell and Marilyn Blocker

Innovation is a juggling act for most leaders, as they have to balance operational excellence with responding to mandates to explore new territory.

The Perils of Employee Appreciation Day
by Dionne England

I have observed that for some managers, Employee Appreciation Day is the beginning, middle, and end of their employee appreciation strategy.

“Just” Noticing — Spark Change With This Simple Practice
by Ronni Hendel-Giller

Of course, without first noticing, change is very difficult, if not impossible. Noticing is a prerequisite to growth and learning.

Do You Truly Value Your Employees?
by Dionne England

If employees believe they are no more than a number to the organization, then they treat the organization primarily as a means to an income.

Learning In a Day, and Other Myths of Professional Development
by Andrew Speer

It’s a tough shift to move from teaching lots all at once to keep face, to providing a little bit of learning, with lots of application support, more often.

Put Away Your Cape: Why Leader as Hero Doesn’t Work
by Shawn Shepheard

Let go of the idea of leader as hero, and model the kind of behavior you want to see from your team—you’ll all be happier, healthier, and more productive.

Redefining Expectations: Flexibility in a VUCA World
by Anna Brooks

Life is messy, and yet we crave tidiness and a certain amount of control. When we set our expectations on “perfection” we are bound to be disappointed

The Habit of Curiosity
by Ronni Hendel-Giller

Curiosity is both an attribute of high-performing teams and a personal habit. We are born with it—and we need to cultivate it.