I don’t have time for chit chat.

I don’t know what to say when someone on my team asks for career advice.

I try to schedule regular one-on-ones, but urgent issues always get in the way and I have to reschedule.

Do you hear any of these excuses from your clients about why they aren’t spending time having good conversations with their team? Too often, they’re perceived as “nice to have” activities, or something that only happens when there’s nothing else going on.

Want to know the true ROI for those conversations your clients never make time for? It’s directly connected to employee engagement, which in turn, has tangible ROI for businesses.


I’ve been sharing this infographic widely within my network and with my clients, and it always generates an interesting conversation of its own about where to focus priorities in the weeks and months ahead.

The research is clear—the relationship between leaders and teams is a key element in driving higher engagement at work. What used to be perceived as idle conversation is now part of intentional activities from contemporary leaders who know they need to make time to connect with their teams, both as a group and in one-on-one discussions.

More importantly, it’s what you’re talking about at work that can help drive tangible outcomes. Are you talking about priorities? Career goals? Problem solving? Better customer relationships? The pace of change at work today means your clients need to keep in sync with their teams, and have regular mechanisms for connecting, sharing updates, and solving problems going forward. Without these processes, change can be stalled, and the direction forward is unclear.

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Download the ROI of Better Conversations Infographic