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Staff training paying off?

Use Actionable to sustain and measure your learning program ROI

Actionable offers easy-to-implement software that helps organizations sustain, measure, and demonstrate their investment in staff training and learning initiatives.

We believe in aligning behaviour change with real business impacts as much as you do.

Trusted by leading global organizations.

Lead meaningful behaviour change in your organization

Your competitive advantage is your people. It’s your job to elevate their potential and create an environment where they can accomplish their goals. Remove the mystery of what happens after a learning session. Use that insight to inform what’s next. 

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Use behavioural science to ensure post-session activity

Accurately track and measure behaviour change

Improve your organization’s learning culture

Empower your HR and learning teams

Behaviour change with quantifiable results.

Features to get excited about

Actionable gives your employees the tools to make change happen once they complete training sessions. Our smart technology ensures that the insights from your people initiatives are applied, not just remembered.

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Personalized habit builder

Our Habit Builder platform utilizes nudge technology to ensure employees are inspired and committed to change on their terms.

Simple progress tracking

1-click progress-tracking and journaling gives you summarized reports to highlight behaviour change.

Post-training playbooks

Actionable Conversations and peer discussion forums reinforce content from training sessions and help participants work through the “so what?” of key takeaways.

Generate learning momentum.

LMS platform integrations

Drive value without replacing your learning management system. Our easy-to-use platform integrates seamlessly with your systems, reducing tech fatigue.

Access to our partner directory

Actionable’s global community of 180+ training, coaching, and consulting firms are at your disposal to facilitate online and in-person learning and development sessions.

Customized and branded interface

Your organization is unique, as are your language and content. With private labelling capabilities, everything looks, feels, and sounds like your company.

Real-time dashboards and reports

Go beyond satisfaction surveys with analytics and insights to show not just what happened, but what’s next. 

Learn more about how to activate your employee data and programs.