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Transform your learning events
into behaviour change catalysts.

Every client engagement is an opportunity to build a lasting, impactful relationship that firmly establishes you as THE go-to trusted advisor in their network.

It starts with The Behavior Change Toolkit.

Add impact to every engagement

You’re being tasked with delivering new content. What about the application of that content and the impact it has?

Turn 1-offs into long term engagements

We know that change doesn’t happen in a single workshop. Actionable can help you turn 1-day engagements into 30-day engagements (and beyond)… without exceeding client budgets.

Elevate your trusted advisor status

Tired of being called on for a single content area, when you know you have more to offer? Reframe your clients’ view of “what you do” through data.

Grow faster by leveraging the work of others.

Hundreds of consultants have leveraged the Actionable system to scale. Tap into that global network of change practitioners who share a common language, and a desire to help you succeed.

Behavior Science to embed your learning.

Your participants are inspired and committed to change. Give them the tools to make that change happen once they leave the session. 

  • Capture commitments to behavior change at the end of each session
  • Generate a key takeaways & intended application report within minutes of finishing your session

A focus on application.

Habit change can be hard. Make it easier on your participants by equipping them with the power of the Habit Builder. 

  • The nudge technology works on a schedule designed by each participant
  • 1-click progress tracking + optional journaling
  • Coach, Manager and “Accountability Buddy” commenting
  • “Peer Visibility” drives organizational accountability
  • 5-45 day engagement to meet your program cadence


Analytics & Insight.

Professional, polished reports showcasing your impact, regardless of program size.

  • Individual reports and aggregate.
  • 1-click PDF reports, ready to share with your clients
  • Surface themes, outliers, success stories and more
  • Bring data and insight to your client that they literally can’t get anywhere else

Integrating Actionable into my client programming has enabled me to rise beyond ‘front of the room facilitator’ to a status of Trusted Business Advisor.  The insights accessed through the Habit Builder data, and the reach of Actionable Conversations have provided me with tools to help my clients in ways I never could before. By highlighting the connection between learning programs and meaningful business impact, I am able to add direct value to their strategic goals which allows me to scale beyond a ‘time for dollars’ relationship.

Todd Attridge – Different Matters Consulting

Complete customization to support your program and brand promises.

Your brand is unique, as is your language and content. The Actionable change system powers your programming with behaviour science, not canned content. Everything looks, feels and sounds like you.

  • Private labelling, with your logo and color pallette.
  • “Content agnostic”, so you can personalize the language and themes to perfectly sync with your style.
  • Data and insight at your fingertips to integrate into your current client-communications flow.

Program management across multiple cohorts and multiple sessions.

As a high functioning consultant, you don’t have time for the minutiae. Scan engagement and impact across multiple sessions and multiple clients, all from one centralized dashboard.

  • Real-time dashboards provide insight into adoption, engagement and impact
  • Robust enough to support multi-national change initiatives
  • Access for you, your admin and (should you choose) your client stakeholders

“Actionable Change Methodology puts language to a model I’ve known intuitively for years, making it possible for me to link the breakthrough moments generated by my content to the business objectives that matter most to my clients. Beyond the product, the community of change practitioners that Actionable has attracted is second to none. This is my tribe.”

Mandy Holloway – Courageous Leaders

Reinforce the content (and scale the impact) of your live sessions with leader-led Conversations.

Most clients want “sustainment”. But what do they really mean by that? Leverage leader-led “Actionable Conversations” to ensure that the insights from your sessions are applied, not just remembered.

  • Helps groups of participants quickly work through the “what, so what, now what” of your key points.
  • Upload, then automate participant and leader materials, so everyone has what they need, when they need it.
  • Link new behaviours to business impact through in-platform pulse surveying and activity analysis.

More Features

Dashboards for all stakeholders

  • Your sponsor wants high level visibility? We can do that.
  • Managers want to see how their team is doing? No problem.
  • Internal coaches or mentors need access? No problem.
  • Multiple facilitators working on a larger program? We got you.

Real time learning and support

  • Global community of boutique coaching, training and consulting firms
  • Weekly webinars and discussion groups for you to stay on the cutting edge
  • 3x / year intensives for you to scale your practice and impact
  • Built in trainings and certifications for you to enhance your behavior change knowledge

Data integration

  • Program specific APIs to ensure all participant data is clean and up to date.
  • Data exports in CSV
  • Single Sign On (SSO)

Is Actionable right for you?

Facilitators and boutique consultancies leverage the power of behavior science to scale their impact. Tell us more about your work and we’ll see if we can help.