Postcards from the Platform is a series designed to showcase the transformative power of the Actionable Conversations Platform. These short success stories highlight the ROI of having better conversations, by giving you a glimpse into how organizations benefit from using our Platform. We’ll be posting a new Postcard on the 3rd Friday of every month, so stay tuned!

Conversations Drive Business Outcomes

We recently received this excellent feedback from a user of the Conversations Platform. The client had a unique set of challenges—as a social enterprise, they had strong buy-in from their team, who believe in the social mission of the business, and they excelled at sharing that mission through the stories they tell. They also had a relatively small team, with about 50% millennials.

After performing a compensation review that resulted in the creation of a “mid-level” management/management in training group, they recognized an opportunity to bolster employee engagement at all levels of the organization, while providing leadership development training to their managers and managers in training. Enter Actionable Conversations.

We know that improving employee engagement can improve just about any business outcome you’d care to measure—the results this client saw by the end of the year are just one testament to the profound impact better conversations can have.

In addition to the stats you see in the postcard, the client also reported a significant increase in a “signature” service of their business—a direct reflection of an increase in quality of staff customer service and ability to influence clients.

The user wrote this simple equation: greater employee engagement = greater ownership of the business as their business, higher productivity, and higher performance. Better business outcomes start with better conversations.