“Ideas are only valuable when applied.” – Chris Taylor, Founder of Actionable.co

Actionable started as a place for Chris Taylor to share his quest to read one business book a week, and then apply one lesson from each book to his life and business. A community of change-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, team leaders, and book lovers quickly formed—readers wanted to see real, lasting change, and were no longer satisfied with simply consuming, and then forgetting, what they were reading. Not surprisingly, as the community grew, it also attracted professional coaches and consultants, who were frustrated that they were delivering great content and inspiring on-site work, only to find that little or nothing changed once their engagement was over.

Maybe you’ve faced this challenge in your own work: an organization brings you in to inspire, engage, and transform their teams. The participants are excited: your session gets them away from their desk for a day or two, they are hungry for professional development, and they are seeking new tools to motivate their teams. It goes brilliantly, and you can see light bulbs and “aha” moments happening all around the room.

But then you leave. When participants get back to their desks there are emails to catch up on, meetings to attend, and fires to put out. Their notes from your session get lost in the shuffle, and most of what you taught them goes unused.

Even in the best case scenario—each participant is inspired and committed to applying one thing from your session—without follow-up, accountability, or support, how can you know that your work truly made an impact?

Enter Actionable. We help busy, successful coaches and consultants scale their impact and create lasting behavior change for their clients. Check out this brief overview of our history and methodology:


Organization Wide Change


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Conversation. Action. Insight. Supported by a light-touch technology that helps you leverage what you’re already great at to become a trusted advisor for your clients. Easily adapted to a wide variety of client scenarios.

Potent in its brevity. Powerful in its application. That’s Actionable.


Behavior Change