Are your clients struggling to create a great organizational culture? Maybe they are looking for effective ways to implement change, launch a new project, or repair problematic team dynamics. 82% of business leaders and HR professionals see strong culture as a competitive advantage, and yet many don’t know where to start when it comes time to improve.

We know that conversations are the backbone of both culture, and employee engagement. Organizations that deliver directives from the top down will struggle to address the needs of their employees, who are certainly having their own conversations around the water cooler or in private chat groups. Regular conversations (and not just status updates or performance reviews) are crucial for organizations to stay in touch with what employees really feel, provide opportunities for buy in, and align teams with high level objectives.

We have created an infographic of 8 types of conversations to help your clients build stronger levels of employee engagement.


Download the 8 Essential Conversations Leaders Need to Have With Their Teams Infographic

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