Jean Brown is a principal founder of Mackenzie Brown LLC, and an Actionable Consulting Partner. Jean recently sat down with Peter Clayton, host of the TotalPicture Radio Podcast, to discuss the rapid shifts in the professional learning landscape, and how Jean and her partner are keeping pace with clients who are increasingly demanding training programs that provide demonstrable ROI, leverage technology, and still fit into their busy schedules.

Mackenzie Brown LCC specializes in dynamic leadership and communication coaching for a broad array of industries—they see first hand the need for face-to-face communication, looking people in the eye, and communicating concise messages with professional presence. Listen below to learn more about how Jean is shifting her business to address the growing pre-occupation that many executives have with employee engagement, by providing them with the tools they need to have better conversations.

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As Peter Clayton says, trying to measure the impact of training initiatives on employee engagement using employee retention and employee satisfaction surveys—is not great.

So how does Actionable Conversations fit in? It comes out of the idea that relationships are going to drive your business. That better relationships between managers and employees, and between peers on a team, is what ultimately drives employee engagement. Employee engagement impacts virtually every business metric you’d care to measure. That is the model that we’re working with. How do we drive better relationships in an organization?

It starts simply with better and more substantive conversations between people. Not just talking about work, not just giving some feedback on this spreadsheet, or other basic conversations. It’s going beyond that to have meaningful conversations between a manager and their team that are aligned with the individual team member’s personal goals and development needs.

Actionable Conversations provides the tools for leaders to have meaningful conversations with their teams that result in measurable behavior change. As an Actionable Consulting Partner, Jean and her team at Mackenzie Brown are able to help their clients learn new skills in a shifting landscape, while providing insights into their clients’ organizations about the impact of their learning and development programs. That’s a win for everyone.


Are you a member of an organization that will benefit from having better conversations? Visit Mackenzie Brown LLC online, or connect with Jean on Linkedin.