Building strong workplace cultures is a popular topic here at Actionable. While on some level it’s something that many leaders struggle with, it’s an ingredient imperative in employee engagement. Here are several recent books that are essential reading for both leaders who feel they are already building great teams and are looking for new ideas to continually evolve their cultures, as well as those who are looking to brush up on the way they interact with their teams. Each title links to a summary available on our sister site at



Contagious Culture

Anese Cavanaugh

In Contagious Culture, Anese Cavanaugh reminds us that “in order to lead others, you must lead yourself first.” It’s all about being conscious of how we’re showing up each day and the energy that we bring. Read on to learn about the Intentional Energetic Presence (IEP) Model and the tremendous impact it can have on the workplace culture of your organization.



Everybody Matters

Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia

Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia, authors of Everybody Matters, are advocates for communicating with your team the way you would your family. “When we say our people matter but we don’t actually care for them, it can shatter trust and create a culture of paranoia, cynicism, and self-interest,” the authors write. Read on for the Leadership Checklist (in the Golden Egg) that every strong leader should have in their arsenal, as well as the importance of celebrating wins both large and small.



An Everyone Culture

Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey

In An Everyone Culture, Drs. Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey write about Deliberately Development Organizations, which “are organizations that push people to uncover their blind spots, to be transparent and vulnerable, not to get comfortable.” Our summary focuses on ways leaders can eliminate the second job, which is the “single biggest loss of resources that organizations suffer every day.” It’s all about embracing vulnerabilities and allowing our employees’ to grow.