At Actionable, we are big fans of author Dave Gray. We have summaries of all of his books, including Gamestorming which is legendary in learning and facilitation circles. More recently, he was a guest on our 21st Century Workplace podcast talking about his most recent book Liminal Thinking, where he writes about how fixed mindsets can impact change, and the need to evolve current thinking and belief patterns as a critical element during any change initiative.

Change in organizations is such a complex topic, and taking time to think about the current mindset of individuals who are about to embark on change is often missed. Teams and organizations move too quickly towards the “what” needs doing, and forget that spending time up-front to focus on the “why” is critical, in order for individuals to begin to process how these changes will challenge their current thinking, and how new information will push them to rethink things they believe to be true.

We are excited to announce a collaboration with Dave Gray, and have launched a new module on our Conversations platform inspired by Liminal Thinking. Our module, called Breakthrough Thinking, helps teams think about the existing beliefs that might be keeping them from embracing change,

I talked to Gray recently about why he wrote Liminal Thinking, how change readiness can be impacted if team members are stuck in existing mindsets and unwilling to consider new perspectives. We also talked about the challenge of breaking through blind spots to uncover new thinking, and how to develop new habits for staying more open to change and new ideas going forward.


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Want to dig deeper into Breakthrough Thinking? Pick up a copy of Liminal Thinking.