If you’ve been a leadership development consultant, coach, or facilitator for a while, you may very well be able to recognize the moment that realization sparks within your participants. 

It’s an “aha!” moment that we sometimes call the “facilitator high.” Participants’ eyes might light up, they might even physically lean forward, but they’ve definitely reached a point of real, genuine intent.

In our previous post, we spoke about guaranteed momentum: the ability to say with certainty that participants are going to take action and establish new habits following your session. 

Check out our last post to learn more about the first of two elements required to achieve guaranteed momentum. 

The first is relevance, which is accomplished through connecting with participants on a level where they realize the “so what” behind the content they’ve learned.

In this post, we’ll dive into an equally important element: personal motivation.

When you’ve hit the “aha’ moment, you know your participants are ready. 

They’re committed to change. 

This is just like a New Year’s Eve moment for them. 

It’s exciting, the intent is there and it’s real and it’s pure, but what’s the problem?

Intent doesn’t always translate into lasting change. 

New Year’s Eve moments happen every year. 

We swear this is the year we’ll get in shape, or be a better spouse, or be a better leader, or get that promotion. 

We want to be better in the year ahead. 

But then as February rolls around, we realize that there’s a disconnect between that intent and a daily practice. 

The intent is only half of it; the daily practice is what is ultimately needed to move us forward.

Just like you can only get in shape as a result of engaging in daily practice, you can only make a lasting leadership change by implementing actual, physical change. 

Even if you’ve gotten relevance across to your participants, you’re only halfway there. 

Next, you have to give your participants the tool set to be able to turn their great intentions into daily practice.

Personal motivation is intrinsic and ongoing. 

And while the big, ultimate impact is going to be clearly visible, the daily changes participants make to achieve the big impact are often invisible. 

And trucking along when change feels invisible is hard. 

You can help your participants stay personally motivated by providing them with record keeping tools that allow them to reflect back and reference progress they’ve made. 

Your participants’ ability to remind themselves of why they committed to change in the first place is powerful.

A habit app can help with personal motivation, but it’s just one part of the whole system. 

We, and the consultants that we work with, are focused on holistic change that achieves actual impact certainty and guaranteed momentum. 

Without connecting to the relevance, or the “so what” behind the content, daily practice is just monotonous, meaningless movement. 

When you put relevance and personal motivation together, you get guaranteed momentum.

If you’re searching for a complete system that supports your participants through translating good intention into intelligent commitments, tapping into intrinsic motivation and clearing the way for engagement in change, meet Actionable.

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