The goal of the learning that happens in your leadership sessions is the creation of a change within the organization that hired you. 

The goal of this change is the development of a lasting effect. 

And finally, the goal of the lasting effect that you’ve sparked is a translation into true business impact. 

So how do we get from learning to business impact?

To reach business impact, participants need more than a basic, “I get it,” intellectual understanding of the content. 

Participants need more than to be inspired to make a change. 

Inspiration is strong, but unfortunately, it’s fleeting.

Learners face a ton of challenges on their path from learning to making an impact on the business. 

As leadership consultants, we shouldn’t just be teaching them what we need to learn, we should be coaching them on how to jump over the hurdles on their way to implementing impact.

That’s where Actionable comes in. 

We’ve been helping facilitators make learning “sticky” since 2009. 

Over the years, we’ve discovered what drives real, sustainable behavior change – the kind that causes true business impact. 

We’ve also pinpointed strategies for overcoming challenges learners face on their way to implementing that impact in their own organizations.

We’ve distilled the change process into the “Insight-Action Flywheel.” 

Starting with insight; moving to content; context; and finally, action; the flywheel is a visual representation of what learners go through in realizing change in a professional setting.

There are 4 main challenges faced by learners as they move through the Insight-Action Flywheel:

1. Too much content, too little time for learners to digest it. The solution: introducing elements into digestible concepts via microlearning that can be understood within 10-15 minutes.

2. Participants get the content, but they don’t have the context of personal motivation that is required to get them to want to make change. The solution: implementing a “so what?” “now what?” approach to teaching the material – showing the learners why the material is relevant to them, and how they can use it.

3. After inspiration strikes, it dies without sustainable action. The solution: keep the momentum going with nudge technology and social support for behavioral change.

4. It’s tough to create insight into the link between the learning session and the impact the business wanted in the first place. The solution: consultants need a reporting system that demonstrates that their programs really work.

We’ve developed our Habit Builder tool with the goal of helping consultants get their learners from context to action: one of the highest hurdles along the flywheel. 

The Habit Builder gives learners a tangible system for tracking their behavior change based on what you’ve taught them. 

The Habit Builder also provides a log of what’s changed within the organization, helping you demonstrate your insight.

These solutions form the core of Actionable’s system. 

We’re proud to have helped hundreds of consultants prove their impact over the years. 

Actionable is on a mission to help boutique consultancies scale their business by giving them the tools to prove and amplify their impact. 

If you’re interested in focusing on impact, we’d love to show you how we can help. Book a time to talk with us. We can’t wait to meet you.