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Personal Growth

How to Make New Year’s Resolutions That Stick
by Chris Taylor

New year’s resolutions. Depending on which study you read, most of them fail. So why do we keep doing them? I want to give you some tips on increasing the likelihood that you will realize lasting change.

Never Stop Learning: Author Interview with Bradley R. Staats
by Chris Taylor

To stay relevant, you need to keep learning. We interviewed Professor Bradley R. Staats, who teaches us how to do this more effectively in his book Never Stop Learning.

What’s In It For Me?: The Value of Why For Participants When it Comes to Habit Change
by Chris Taylor

At Actionable we have analyzed 1000s of commitments – defined as a learner’s habit or new behavior they would like to implement as outlined in Actionable’s Habit Builder framework. This analysis reveals many things, chief among them: the importance of relevance.  Relevance in this context is learners having a strong “why” behind their commitment, or, […]

The One-Word Question that Helps Participants Realize Lasting Behavior Change
by Chris Taylor

How do you make sure your participants are applying what they learned in a repeatable, reliable, way?   Ask them why. At the end of your session you’re likely already asking participants what their biggest takeaway is, what one change they want to put into practice, who is going to hold them accountable for making that […]

Redefining Expectations: Flexibility in a VUCA World
by Anna Brooks

Life is messy, and yet we crave tidiness and a certain amount of control. When we set our expectations on “perfection” we are bound to be disappointed

Can You Imagine? One Question to Unlock More Expansive Thinking
by Lora Crestan

Looking at your business from the can you imagine perspective is not about blue sky thinking, it’s about pushing the boundaries of your thinking.

WorkHuman: Making the Most Out of My Conference Experience
by Jane Watson

I’m just about to board my flight to Austin, Texas for the WorkHuman conference. Conferences can provide an incredible opportunity to learn, network, and reconnect with the things we love (or don’t) about our industry or profession. But just as easily they can be echo chambers of slightly stale “best practices” under the glow of fluorescent […]

Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt — Get Out of the Middle to Get Unstuck
by Lora Crestan

What I’ve found is that this simple reframing to starting again, from being stuck in the middle, helps me go forward. It could work for you.

Beyond Fear: Embrace Curiosity to Spark Meaningful Change
by Nikki Barrett

Fear might make you finally leap when your back is up against a wall, but desire and an energizing curiosity is what will sustain you for the journey.

Scaling My Business with Actionable—Getting Out of My Own Way
by Shawn Shepheard

I needed to make sure that my vision was in my calendar every day, focus on where my clients wanted to go, and include Actionable as part of the journey.

The Return on Investing in Yourself
by Lora Crestan

My suggestion is this: think about where you are investing your time and your money, and put in place the practices to make it worth your while.

Embrace Change: Jump on Board or Drown
by Andrew Speer

If on some instinctual level you know you have found something that is going to revolutionize what you do, then you need to embrace change.

Your Brain At Work: Manage Change By Managing Your Brain
by Ronni Hendel-Giller

The first big idea is that our brains are not all that well-designed for our current reality. The second idea is that we can change our brains.

Build Trust to Help your Clients Get in the Game
by Lora Crestan

Taking the time to build trust in relationships results in increased engagement, agility, and collaboration—qualities teams need to thrive business today.

The Art of Receiving Feedback
by Ronni Hendel-Giller

In addition to modeling being recipients of feedback, another way to reduce the threat is to recognize that when we give feedback we are engaging in a conversation.

Consulting Frameworks: Are you Trivializing Leadership?
by Nikki Barrett

Of course consulting frameworks have limitations but are only truly damaging if they are held up as gospel. Change is hard. Great leadership is complex.

Exhausted? Learning Can Energize Your Work
by Lora Crestan

Building in new learning rhythms and routines has been the anchor of making my work productive and exhilarating, not overwhelming.

Annual Planning — Actionable Style
by Sara Saddington

Based on Actionable founder Chris Taylor’s long-standing process for mapping out the year ahead, this worksheet will help you reflect, visualize, and plan to meet your upcoming goals and milestones.

3 Books to Help You Embrace Failure
by Sara Saddington

You, and everyone you work with, are human. Failure (in some capacity), is unavoidable. Will you embrace it? Learn from it? Or will you try to pretend it never happened?

How Asking for Help Transformed my Work
by Jodi Hosking

I made a daily commitment to ask for help from the people around me, both in my personal and professional life. It sounds simple, but the insights I gathered through the process were a revelation.

Is There a Pink Elephant Impacting Team Engagement?
by Sandy Colombo

In your consultant practice, when your clients are lamenting ineffective team dynamics, coach them to look out for the disruptive forces on their teams.

Collaborate to Go Far in 2017
by Louise Davis

In this fast-paced world, collaboration, or more specifically, establishing successful commercial relationships, is a becoming a necessity. We need to be agile, well-informed, and not simply stuck in the bubble of our day-to-day activities.

Hope is Not a Strategy
by Lora Crestan

I am calling you out, coaches and consultants. Time to treat your business as you expect your clients to treat theirs—with intentional thought, and with focus and clarity about what will drive the results you want to deliver.

Craft Stories to Sell More Effectively
by Nikki Barrett

Our brains are wired to process the world around us through stories. By harnessing the power of a great story, you can improve your sales pitches, persuade your customers, and engage your employees.

Self Management Tips for Q4
by Sara Saddington

To help you establish some new self management strategies during this busy season, we’ve curated three popular blog posts by Actionable founder Chris Taylor.

Pivot! Pivot! PIVOT!
by Lora Crestan

When considering a new opportunity, think about how you can pivot (yes, just like you learned in gym class) to get the best results.

How To Grow Your Business? Ask Yourself Some Difficult Questions.
by Shawn Shepheard

Growing your business might mean heading in new directions that scare you. And that’s a good thing.