Impact Design Playbook

Don’t let your Leadership Programs fall prey to “budget cuts”

Strategic alignment and impact certainty for your clients, without changing the fundamentals of your offering.

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Companies buy products and services that help them unstick current challenges and achieve their strategic priorities.

How does your program fit into that mix?

If you’re like most of the consultants we’ve worked with, you’re likely pouring hours of time and effort into your content – crafting experiences and priming participants to apply what they learn. 

You’re also probably noticing that – while the HR/L&D team love what you’re proposing – there’s a more tepid response from the executive team (if they’re aware of your program at all).

Which means, of course, the life of your program is beholden to the whims of the C-suite.

It’s far too easy (and common) for the project to get cancelled, delayed, or reduced-in-scope in favor of “more directly aligned investment areas”. (that’s an actual quote from a would-be client)

There is a better way.

A way for you to demonstrate quantifiable impact for your clients. A way to retain the integrity and importance of your program scope. A way for you to deliver impact certainty for your clients.

Since 2008 in partnership with, over 2000 learning programs have utilized the approach in this guide, known as Impact Design.

Leverage the Impact Design Playbook with your next program to:

 ☑️ Win more proposals (and faster)

 ☑️ Ensure your program stays on track (and doesn’t get relegated to the “when things calm down” pile)

 ☑️ Build confidence, knowing – without a doubt – that your participants are not only making lasting change but that it is providing quantifiable ROI for the client

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