C-Suite Priorities Worksheet

Win more business by connecting your training content to client priorities. 

Provide strategic alignment and quantifiable impact for your clients without changing the fundamentals of your offering.

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As a consultant, you’re likely selling into the HR or Learning & Development (L&D) function of an organization.

When you’re selling into these functions you’re likely addressing their needs – which makes sense, given they are your main audience at this point.

However, rarely are the needs – and measures of success of these needs – aligned with those of the executive team.

This misalignment can cause program delays… or worse

Don’t let your next pitch suffer the same fate.

The executive team wants a return on investment (ROI). The executive team wants business impact.

The key to gaining program approval and winning more business is connecting your content to the strategic priorities of the business. This worksheet will show you how.

You’ll learn:

 ☑️ The simple “bottom-up” approach to positioning your programs for executive approval

 ☑️ The 1 small adjustment you can make to your proposals so that you can confidently demonstrate quantifiable impact of your programs

 ☑️ How to build confidence, knowing – without a doubt – that your participants are not only making lasting change but that it is providing quantifiable ROI for the client

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