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“Just” Noticing — Spark Change With This Simple Practice
by Ronni Hendel-Giller

Of course, without first noticing, change is very difficult, if not impossible. Noticing is a prerequisite to growth and learning.

120,000 Intentional Acts: Correcting a Culture of Disrespect
by Lesley Diaz

If you were to engage in one intentional act every work day for a whole year, you would have repeated that one thing 250 times.

The Magic of Habit Change: What Makes a Commitment Stick?
by Anna Brooks

So, what makes a good behavior change commitment? Make it measurable and specific—and make it small and important to you personally.

Embedding Strategic Change — Small Shifts For A More Successful Year
by Sara Saddington

Front line workers know what KPIs they’re being evaluated on, but typically lack understanding about how they are linked to the overarching strategic goals.

Harnessing Habits — Why Your Change Projects Are Failing
by Sara Saddington

For organizations that are seeking changed behavior, tapping into the power of habits is an effective strategy for ensuring that change sticks.

Change Isn’t Cheap—Why I Stopped Doing “Free Lunch” Coaching
by Shawn Shepheard

If you’re serious about making a change, for your organization, your team, or yourself, make an investment of your time and your energy to make it happen.