“The times
they are a

– Bob Dylan

The Learning

It’s been over 20 years since the term “e-Learning” captured the attention of the professional learning community and (as the understatement of the year) a lot’s changed since then.

What We Know.

There are five things we definitively know about professional learning in the 21st century, all of which impact how, what and why we’re learning:

  1. 1. Incremental, micro-growth fits our busy schedules.

    According to Bersin’s Meet the Modern Learner infographic, today’s professional can afford only 1% of their time to training and development. Real learning—the kind that sticks for the long term—happens in smaller bursts, on a more frequent basis.

  2. 2. Purpose matters.

    Company mandated learning without a clear connection to why we should be learning something has always been resisted, but never more so than now. Millennials may be leading the way, but all of us want to understand the personal relevance of our activity. “Show me why, or I’m not doing it.”

  3. 3. Context trumps content.

    Through Google, YouTube, Coursera and hundreds of other free and almost-free providers, there’s no shortage of content out there. What matters most, now, is context—“give me what I need, when I need it.”

  4. 4. If it’s not measurable, it doesn’t count.

    We live in a time when virtually everything is measured, particularly when senior execs are determining budgets. If learning success is ultimately about impacting behavior (why else would you do it?), why aren’t most programs quantifiably measuring behavior change?

  5. 5. Human roles vs. machine roles.

    When menial tasks are automated, the role of the human is one of creativity, problem solving and communication. We’re no longer on the assembly line, where our roles are done in isolation. Relationships and Collaboration are the most important skills we can bring to our work. So why isn’t more of our learning done in a collaborative environment?

In short…

Effective learning in today’s hectic environment needs to be FrequentRelevant,
Collaborative and Measurable. It’s time for a change. Leverage Actionable’s 21st
century approach and guide the next phase of learning for your organization.

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