We’re tinkering with the “business as usual” model, mostly because we’re curious of how else things could be done. As we push deeper into scaling a virtual team, the pros/cons of financial transparency and alternatives to the traditional org chart, you can keep tabs on our journey here via our posts from the Actionable team.

Life at Actionable.

Introducing Jane Watson, Talent Vanguard

I was delighted to chat with Jane about the extensive experience she brings to the Actionable team and her vision for the future of the company.

Sara Saddington
Finding My Tribe—Why It’s Ok To Get Personal At Work

We need to be having more of these conversations at work. We can’t keep leaving our personal lives at the door, and expecting people to be engaged and passionate about our work.

Alyssa Burkus
Why Knowing Yourself is Critical in a ROWE

There are three key things that I find help me be productive in a ROWE: timing, environment, and optimum stress level.

Alysha DeMarsh
How We’re Making Health A Priority In 2017

We recently started an #actionablehealth channel on Slack, as a place to talk about our health and fitness goals. As a result, many members of the team have made commitments to incorporate more regular exercise throughout the day.

Sara Saddington
The Limits of “Unlimited” Vacation

As with many great company policies, “unlimited” vacation in a ROWE does have its downsides. It’s not as simple as just booking a trip and hitting the road.

Cristina Melnik
The Downside of “Work Anywhere” Culture: Fighting The Urge To Work Non-Stop

With the contagious enthusiasm of the Actionable team, and with the values that make working with them an inspiring experience, I hope to improve a little every day.

Sara Saddington
Taking the Leap to Live Outside Of My Comfort Zone

I don’t feel like I am working under someone, I feel like I am working with a collaborative group of equals. I am challenged and engaged, and I want to learn and contribute.

Gina Meret-Dybenko
Better Together: The Actionable Way

What makes us a cohesive, collaborative team is our respect for each others’ unique lifestyles, expertise, time zones, and leadership. We work with each other, never against or in spite of each other.

Alysha DeMarsh
Getting Comfortable with Failure

Not all great ideas end up generating revenue. What sounds brilliant in a brainstorming session may be a total flop in the real world. If we were afraid of failure, we would get paralyzed.

Sara Saddington
Finding My Dream Job — Why Interviews Need to Be Honest Conversations

Finally, after many terrible interviews that left me feeling discouraged and deflated, I spoke with Chris Taylor. From our first conversation I felt that I could be myself, ask questions, and talk openly about my aspirations.

Alysha DeMarsh
Protect the Culture

If you’re hiring for culture, look for impassioned people. People who will (respectfully) disagree on certain points because they know truly who they are and what matters to them.

Chris Taylor
Messy Scary Change

The learning and development landscape is changing. And as Actionable works to address these changes, we’re changing too. And that means learning, growing, stretching, changing.

Anna Schmohe
Why Every Workplace Should Give Trust Freely

When I joined the Actionable Team, I quickly came to learn that autonomy is imperative in a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE), and closely tied with the core values of Actionable.

Cristina Melnik
It’s Your Results That Matter at Actionable

At Actionable, we have the power and responsibility to manage our own schedules. The highly collaborative and engaged teams own their projects and get a lot done.

Sara Saddington
How Long is Your Year?

When you’re going through bursts of growth, it’s important to set the heading (vision), and then schedule “annual planning” sessions for a more frequent schedule.

Chris Taylor
A Sabbatical Dream Come True

I feel incredibly fortunate to work at an organization like Actionable where something like a sabbatical is not only offered, but embraced. Without the support of Chris and my colleagues, this wouldn’t be possible.

Andy Budgell
Our Favorite Tools for a Virtual Workplace

We love finding the best tools to optimize virtual work life at Actionable. Here are three that have become integral to our communications.

Peter Nakamura
How Your New Hires Interpret Your Culture From Day One

Sink or swim. That was the onboarding philosophy of one company I started at. I was given a desk, phone and a database of cold files, and invited to start selling.

Nikki Barrett
The Truth About Working From Home

The expectations of working from home are the same as any other job. If you don’t get the work done, you’ll be replaced by someone who can. There are deadlines to be met, meetings to attend.

Andy Budgell