We’re tinkering with the “business as usual” model, mostly because we’re curious of how else things could be done. As we push deeper into scaling a virtual team, the pros/cons of financial transparency and alternatives to the traditional org chart, you can keep tabs on our journey here via our posts from the Actionable team.

Life at Actionable.

Fresh Perspective — The Power of Stepping Away

Stepping back from anything—a dilemma, a relationship, or yes, even a job—is really valuable. It provides a lot of clarity and fresh perspective.

Andy Budgell
Ungoaling: Developing Habits Is The Way to Really Get Work Done

I decided to end my focus on goals, something I’ve called ungoaling. This means developing habits for activities that will contribute to my overall success.

Alyssa Burkus
Cultivating Attention and Focus in a World of Rapid Change

It’s important that we protect the most valuable asset that we have: our attention and focus. Here are the three areas that I am working on at the moment.

Peter Nakamura
The Effects of Learning: Getting out of the Fishbowl and Into the Ocean

Here’s just one example of the growth that can occur though embracing a learning culture, and maintaining an expansive mindset.

Sara Saddington
Actionable’s Learning Culture: How Learning Has Helped Expand My Role

Actionable walks the talk on our values—we don’t just write about why organizations to create a learning culture, we embed these lessons in our daily work.

Alysha DeMarsh
Redesigning Roles: Leaving the Traditional Org Chart Behind

The ability for organizations to change is not a luxury. Yet the notion that we can put people into little boxes and then be ‘agile’ and adaptive is completely at odds with that reality.

Jane Watson
Brand Matters — How Actionable Built a Visual Identity

We set out to create four logos that would embody the spirit of Actionable, while at the same time creating a new and consistent look—a clear brand.

Anna Schmohe
Forget Bean Bag Chairs—Millennials Want to Make an Impact

My managers don’t need to provide bean bag chairs or ping pong tournaments—the opportunity to do great work that matters is more than enough to keep me engaged.

Alysha DeMarsh
Introducing Jane Watson, Talent Vanguard

I was delighted to chat with Jane about the extensive experience she brings to the Actionable team and her vision for the future of the company.

Sara Saddington
Finding My Tribe—Why It’s Ok To Get Personal At Work

We need to be having more of these conversations at work. We can’t keep leaving our personal lives at the door, and expecting people to be engaged and passionate about our work.

Alyssa Burkus