Scale on your terms.

Facilitators, Trainers and Consulting firms leverage different elements of Actionable to scale their impact and grow their revenues. Here are the details on our most popular packages:


Designed for coaches
and early-stage facilitators

10 participants

1 User account

Habit Builder technology

Standard Reporting

Content Webinars

Technical Support

Most Popular


Designed for small facilitation firms focused on growth

50 participants

Everything in Accelerate, plus: 

Private Labelling

Actionable Conversations

Program Reporting

Group Coaching

Peer Discussion Forum

Strategy Intensives

Program Design Certification

Strategic Onboarding

Account Support

Up to 3 User Accounts

Roll Over Seats (3 months)



For multi-consultant firms running multiple programs

200 participants

Everything in Scale, plus: 

Advanced Analytics

Peer Brain Trust

Dedicated Account Management

Up to 5 User Accounts

Roll Over Seats (6 months)


Common questions

Who is Actionable for?

Consultants, Coaches and Facilitators all leverage different elements of Actionable to support the ongoing development of their learners, demonstrate measurable behavior change and, ultimately scale their businesses faster than they would alone.  We’ve worked with over 200 boutique firms, and know that we’re best suited for firms focusing on leadership, culture and change work.

How does it work?

Once you’ve completed the Actionable Fit Assessment, we’ll connect with you to discuss your specific growth objectives, then tailor a plan to serve your needs. Depending on your current state (and future goals), your Actionable plan will include access to a combination of technology, behavior change methodology training and a global network of likeminded peers.

Can I demo the software?

You bet! Your best option is to tell us a little more about your practice, then we can book a demo of the more relevant components.

Why don’t you list your prices?

Actionable scales as you do. We don’t list our prices for the same reason you can’t signup for the platform without talking to someone on our team first. Understanding the nuance of how Actionable can be a vehicle to help you create positive change for your clients – and your own firm, by extension –  benefits from a conversation; one that focuses on the specifics of your practice and your growth objectives. Inevitably, we’ll end up with a custom plan designed for your exact needs.

I’m not a consultant; I work in house. What can you do for me?

As a rule, Actionable only contracts directly with end client organizations under specific and rare circumstances. That said, if you want to drop us a line, we’d be happy to learn more about your needs and connect you with one of the 180+ training, coaching and consulting firms in our network.

I represent a network of trainers, coaches or consultants. How could I bring this to them?

We love strategic partners. If you lead – or work for – an association or organization that consists largely of coaches, consultants or trainers, we’d be happy to connect to discuss how we could make that work in a way that aligns with your own objectives and values. Reach out, and we’ll explore what we can do together.