How we work.

The Actionable Culture.

The Actionable team works completely virtually, in a “Results Only Work Environment” (ROWE) Culture, meaning everyone works when and where they’d like, so long as they get the job done.

We leverage technology to stay connected and meet up 3-4 times per year to continue to foster face to face relationship development. We’re fast paced, with ambitious growth plans for the years ahead, while still taking time to celebrate the wins and to appreciate that we’re in to win the marathon, not the sprint.

Every company has “values”, but not every company lives them. At Actionable, these simple values permeate everything we do:

  1. MacGyver It:

    Adjust on the fly and make it work. It doesn’t have to be perfect, so long as it does what we said it would and we’re not hurting anyone in the process.

  2. Humble and Hungry:

    We don’t have the time or patience for ego and posturing. We’re doing work that matters; work that’s possibly never been done before. We’re going to make mistakes, but we’re going to make them fast, learn from them, and move on to the next challenge.

  3. Doing Work that Matters:

    We’re not interested in hiding behind the busy work. When we’re working, we want to be working on projects that genuinely make a difference. The work that matters isn’t easy, and requires us to grow outside our comfort zone, daily. It can be painful and messy, but the alternative is quiet stagnation. And none of us are interested in that.

  4. Ask Me Anything:

    Candor and transparency over appearances. I’ll answer any question I can, or explain why I can’t. I’ll answer honestly. Respectfully, but honestly.

  5. Better, together:

    This is a pack, and no place for a lone wolf. We work independently, but think first of the team. “What did I learn, and how can I share it?” “Who else could add value to this project?” The Who of the journey is as important as the Where or the How.