Learning at the speed of change.


If learning is "sticky," change can happen.

Actionable was founded in 2008 on the belief that great ideas are wasted unless they’re applied. We’re on a mission to help teams get more out of their learning programs by using technology and behavior science. Employees leave training with a commitment to behavior change that our platform helps them turn into a habit over the next 30 days.

The Actionable Platform provides three key components that are essential for turning learning into new behaviors to drive business outcomes:

1) Learning relevant to the unique context of every team.

Content on its own isn’t enough—every team has unique elements that need to be considered for individuals to apply the learning content within the context of their work. Actionable helps to make learning individually relevant and immediately applicable, and supports team members as they work toward incremental improvement every day. Revisiting key concepts over time helps teams and individuals work on one new habit at a time—which is a much more sustainable approach to change, and creates lasting results over time.

2) Daily nudges to drive individual behavior change.

Using our Habit Builder, employees make a commitment to work towards a small behavior change. Our system prompts them to assess whether they’re on track, and to write (optional) journal entries to help them stay the course. These small nudges ensure that new ideas become part of how work gets done in your teams.

3) Data to provide leading indicators of change success.

Throughout the month, you’ll have access to data that allows you to see levels of activity and monitor progress, as well as determine where additional support may be needed.


At the end of the month, you’ll see a full report of outcomes, showing how new behaviors have been created, to help you decide on next steps to direct teams towards desired change outcomes.


After 12 months of using Actionable, one team client reported 42% in new business, 12% decrease in client attrition, and the highest revenue in their 100 year history, all outcomes they attributed to an increase in employee ownership through the program.


Actionable’s Habit Builder bridges the gap between learning new skills and establishing lasting habits, creating a window of visibility into how new behaviors are becoming embedded in your organization.

When individuals embrace new behaviors, you can start to see the real return on your investment in their development, collectively achieving better results in the process.

The key is to enable individuals to integrate one small behavior change into their daily activities, while gaining visibility into what’s happening so that you can monitor progress.

Here's how Actionable's Habit Builder Works:

Following a live workshop, training session or Actionable Conversation with their team, participants are invited to commit to developing one small new habit over the next 30 days, and enter it into the Habit Builder.

Participants are then prompted to take action regularly by rating, on a scale of 1 – 10, their progress towards creating a new habit.

Participants also have the opportunity to reflect on their progress through (optional) journal entries. To stay engaged and accountable, participants also have the option of selecting an accountability buddy (could be a boss, colleague, mentor, or friend) who can see their progress in the platform, and offer them encouragement and congratulations as they develop their new habit.

Throughout the month, you’ll have access to data that shows levels of activity and monitor progress. At the end of the month, a full report is generated, which shows how new behaviors have been created in the organization as a result of the session, and helps you decide on next steps.

Small behavior changes combine into powerful organizational change.

When you combine integrating new ideas with regular focus on improving skills through habits that lead to behavior change, you create an ongoing cycle of performance improvement that elevates the capacity and capabilities across your organization.


You can combine learning and the Habit Builder in many ways—here’s one example:

Individuals are complicated, messy, diverse, and difficult to align to centralized objectives. They are also often the greatest asset that organizations have to help achieve the kind of agility in change that is essential for thriving in a VUCA landscape. By harnessing the Actionable Habit Builder to support their learning initiatives, organizations can begin to create the conditions that individuals need to be comfortable in times of change, and ultimately get the best results.