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Monthly Archives: June 2017

The Intimacies of Remote Working

Actionable is a completely remote working environment—many of us have never met in person. And yet we know each other on a deeply personal level.

Andrew Speer
Leader Self-Reflection — The Importance of Looking Inward

My conclusion is that it is often the leaders themselves who need the repair job, and who could most benefit from self-reflection.

Catherine Harrison
High Impact Learning: Uncovering Your Training ROI

Training ROI occurs when it’s relevant to the needs of the team, and the content can be evaluated and reshaped to solve challenges facing the team.

Alyssa Burkus
Values in Action — How We Embody Our Ideals

Watching our company values in action at Summit deepened my understanding and connection to our culture as an organization.

Sara Saddington
Creating Insight — Exploring the Aha Moment

This knowledge about creativity and insight can help us to work and lead in ways that create the conditions for greater creativity and innovation.

Ronni Hendel-Giller
Inspire Innovative Thinking — Get Creative to Get Results

Use these approaches to inspire innovative thinking with your team, and to stay ahead of the rapid shifts occurring in the business landscape.

Shawn Shepheard
Fresh Perspective — The Power of Stepping Away

Stepping back from anything—a dilemma, a relationship, or yes, even a job—is really valuable. It provides a lot of clarity and fresh perspective.

Andy Budgell