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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Take Time for Thinking

Innovative, agile thinking is a critical element that managers want from their teams, and for good reason. When teams are aligned and thinking at a high-level, magic can happen.

Sara Saddington
The Downside of “Work Anywhere” Culture: Fighting The Urge To Work Non-Stop

With the contagious enthusiasm of the Actionable team, and with the values that make working with them an inspiring experience, I hope to improve a little every day.

Sara Saddington
8 Essential Conversations Leaders Need to Have With Their Teams

To create a great culture, team leaders need to be having regular conversations with their teams (and not just about project updates).

Sara Saddington
Better Conversations To Replace Performance Reviews

At Actionable, we know that when it comes to fostering employee engagement and cultivating behavior change, regular conversations beat once a year performance reviews hands down.

Sara Saddington
Communication Issue? Look to Your Culture

Effective communication strategies are crucial, but I’d also urge you to think deeply about what effective communication looks like for your team. Every group will have different ideas and goals.

Sara Saddington
Taking the Leap to Live Outside Of My Comfort Zone

I don’t feel like I am working under someone, I feel like I am working with a collaborative group of equals. I am challenged and engaged, and I want to learn and contribute.

Gina Meret-Dybenko
Improve Team Performance, One Conversation at a Time

By necessity, great teams don’t gloss over difference, or assume that each team member brings the same experience. Exciting insights can come from fresh eyes and diverse perspectives.

Sara Saddington
Being Careful to Distinguish Fact from Opinion

When we make statements, they are primarily either assertions or assessments. Assertions can be proven to be true or false. Assessments are not absolutely true or false, but are a contextual or relative statement—or an opinion.

Ronni Hendel-Giller
Better Together: The Actionable Way

What makes us a cohesive, collaborative team is our respect for each others’ unique lifestyles, expertise, time zones, and leadership. We work with each other, never against or in spite of each other.

Alysha DeMarsh
Engaged Employees are Self-Managers

Allowing employees to manage themselves—to establish effective work flows and processes, and to manage their own time—is a crucial component of creating and maintaining employee engagement.

Sara Saddington