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Monthly Archives: October 2016

First, Define Your Culture

Within the teams you have established, it’s a practical business investment to take the time to ensure the members of your team have a clear sense of their role and the culture of the company.

Sara Saddington
Finding My Dream Job — Why Interviews Need to Be Honest Conversations

Finally, after many terrible interviews that left me feeling discouraged and deflated, I spoke with Chris Taylor. From our first conversation I felt that I could be myself, ask questions, and talk openly about my aspirations.

Alysha DeMarsh
What to Read to Become More Adaptable

These three summaries will give you the framework you need to create a learning, creative culture in your organization, and build an engaged team that is capable of navigating new challenges.

Sara Saddington
Protect the Culture

If you’re hiring for culture, look for impassioned people. People who will (respectfully) disagree on certain points because they know truly who they are and what matters to them.

Chris Taylor
Stop Just Reading, Start Really Learning

Information overload is here to stay, and you’ll never be able to entirely escape it. The key is to figure out how to manage the flow, and how to apply what you’re reading into tangible benefits for you and your team.

Alyssa Burkus
Stoicism, Self-Control, and the 21st Century Workplace

Stoics apply stringent control of their perceptions of the world around them to be able to manage emotions and see things as they truly are. Applying these principals to a 21st century workplace can help to minimize emotional triggers.

Peter Nakamura
Messy Scary Change

The learning and development landscape is changing. And as Actionable works to address these changes, we’re changing too. And that means learning, growing, stretching, changing.

Anna Schmohe
Ask Why at Least Three Times: Better Employee Engagement in One Conversation

To avoid complacency and create engaged employees, it is crucial to step back and examine the purpose and processes (the why and the how) that inform outcomes.

Sara Saddington
Podcast Replay: Two Episodes to Expand your Thinking

As we move into the busiest time of the year, it’s important to make space for creative thinking, and to examine the direction our teams, businesses, careers, and personal projects are heading in.

Sara Saddington
Managing Polarities And The Power of “Yes, And”

Like many powerful ideas, you might be surprised by the simplicity of polarity management. At the core, it’s about the shift from “either/or” to “both/and” thinking.

Ronni Hendel-Giller